The Genome Foundation Futsal League- Winter Futsal

Winter 1: November 2nd - December 29th

Winter 2: January 4th - February 29th

Saturdays and Sundays 4pm to 8pm

The Genome Foundation Futsal League is a non profit 501c3 organization. Our mission is to grow grassroots soccer from the ground up by expanding opportunities to play for all individuals in our community. We desire to see every individual in our community have the tools and opportunities necessary to achieve their goals and dreams as a soccer player and individual.

The Genome Foundation Futsal League is a fast paced indoor version of soccer, played 5v5 on a gym floor with a smaller, bounce resistant ball. Futsal is popular around the world, and has been identified as an excellent tool to accelerate individual player development. The 5v5 format of Futsal translates to more touches on the soccer ball per player, fast decision making, greater ball control due to the smaller bounce-resistant soccer balls, and high scoring games. There are no walls for players to kick the ball off of, as there are in traditional indoor soccer, which is why Futsal is the preferred version of indoor soccer officially recognized by USSF. The revenue generated from our Futsal league is reinvested in the local community by providing need based soccer scholarships and subsidies to families in financial need.

League Information

  • Max Roster: 10

  • Minimum 9 games per team.

  • Coed

  • Amount of teams per division will be determined by skill level and general availability.

  • League Rules: See rules tab above.

  • Team practices available!

  • Team training/coaching development sessions available!

  • Team Futsal Technical development available!


Heritage High School - Basketball Gyms
1150 Forestville Rd
 Wake Forest, NC 27587

Registration Instructions

  • Register your team: Team Manager/Coach

    • Each team will require a manager/coach to register the team. This does not mean this individual has to actually coach the team! The team manager/coach will make the initial team registration and be responsible for sending the individual team invites through the “Invite tab.” Please see the tab below for further helpful information:

      • You will receive a follow up email with additional details about registration. Coaches/managers must register first through our online system. During registration, you can invite all team members to register as well. View instructions here.

      • Coaches/Managers must request all schedule changes within a week of the preliminary schedule release

      • The Genome Foundation will provide optional hour long practices for $100. Coaches/Managers must request practices within the schedule request form at the beginning of the season. Limited times available. First come, first serve.

      • For any questions or help with registration, please email

  • Every athlete playing on a team must register via coaches invite. View Instructions here.

  • Team apparel will be determined by team manager.

    Registration Help Links

Payment Information

Option 1: Team Online payment $900 during registration. (Payment submitted electronically during the registration process).

Option 2: Team Check payment $1000 at first game. (Submitted in person to league director at first game. All checks made payable to The Genome Foundation).  

The Genome Foundation has need based player assistance packages to help assist families in need.
You can inquire about this opportunity by filling out a
scholarship request form


Winter 1 Registration Closes October 30th 11pm.